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STARKITE Vertically an horizontally useable spatial object

145,00 1.489,00 

STARKITES are impressive shapes for airspace. The ring consists of aluminium, into which the easy stretch fabric is simply clamped. A contour rod gives STARKITE a three-dimensional appearance.

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The steel cable suspension is exclusive when renting STARKITE.


Flexible use: STARKITE can be hung both horizontally and vertically within a room. The ceiling body is available in sizes 2.00 m, 3.00 m and 4.00 m. STARKITE has no integrated illumination, but can be illuminated from the outside. The rental STARKITE product is available in white.
All colours available when purchased.






Size A Size B Weight
STARKITE A2 2.00 m 2.00 m 17.00 kg
STARKITE A3 3.00 m 3.00 m 21.00 kg
STARKITE A4 4.00 m 4.00 m 25.00 kg


Additional information

Weight N/A

STARKITE A2 (Höhe 2,00 m), STARKITE A3 (Höhe 3,00 m), STARKITE A4 (Höhe 4,00 m)


110 Weiß, 120 Creme, 210 Rot, 220 Orange, 230 Gelb, 240 Pink, 250 Bordeaux, 310 Blau I, 320 Blau II, 330 Türkis, 410 Apfel, 420 Grün, 510 Schwarz, 520 Anthrazit, 530 Grau, 610 Bayrische Raute, 710 Silber, 720 Gold

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