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HELSINKI Combinable column in three variants

150,00 2.795,00 

Impressive eye-catcher for events in three different sizes. The columns can all be illuminated using a suspended illumination. A combination with different ADAPTERS is possible.

Farbmusterkarte Aufbauanleitung CAD-Daten

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SKU: hst8

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Die Abhängung ist bei der Miete von HELSINKI exklusive. HELSINKI A und HELSINKI C in der Miete und im Kauf ohne Ballastierungsgewicht.


5.00 Costumize your column! With zippers, the ADAPTERS can be combined with each other or with HELSINKI and BANGKOK. For HELSINKI A and B, the ADAPTERS can only be used with the top openings with a diameter A of 0.77 m. ADAPTERS can, of course, also be combined and illuminated with each other.



Size A Size B Size C Weight
HELSINKI A1 0.77 m 2.50 m 5.00 kg
HELSINKI A2 0.77 m 5.00 m 5.40 kg
HELSINKI A3 0.77 m 7.50 m 6.80 kg
HELSINKI B1 0.77 m 2.50 m 0.35 m 15.90 kg
HELSINKI B2 0.77 m 5.00 m 0.35 m 16.80 kg
HELSINKI B3 0.77 m 7.50 m 0.35 m 17.60 kg
HELSINKI C1 0.77 m 2.50m 0.77 m 10.60 kg
HELSINKI C2 0.77 m 5.00 m 0.77 m 11.30 kg
HELSINKI C3 0.77 m 7.50 m 0.77 m 13.50 kg


Additional information

Weight N/A

HELSINKI A1 (Höhe 2,50 m), HELSINKI A2 (Höhe 5,00 m), HELSINKI A3 (Höhe 7,50 m), HELSINKI B1 (Höhe 2,50 m), HELSINKI B2 (Höhe 5,00 m), HELSINKI B3 (Höhe 7,50 m), HELSINKI C1 (Höhe 2,50 m), HELSINKI C2 (Höhe 5,00 m), HELSINKI C3 (Höhe 7,50 m)

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