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As part of the ‘Earth Hour’ awareness campaign for global climate change, printed GLOBEs with diameters of 3m and 2m were installed at Brandenburg Gate.

For one single person, switching off a light is no major challenge. But when millions of people all over the world do it and more and more people join in the WWF Earth Hour, together they are showing a powerful signal against climate change.

At 20.30 local time, lights went out all over the world for the ninth WWF Earth Hour. From the Maldives to Madagascar, across all continents, in 7000 cities in almost every country in the world. Famous monumental constructions such as the statue of Christ in Rio and the Eifel Tower vanished into darkness, and even 40 UNESCO world heritage sites, such as the Acropolis in Athens and Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. People went out into the streets to send out a signal against climate change, to demand a sustainable climate policy and to promote their climate protection projects. There were more than ever of these in 2015.
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